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Michael Porche

My name is Michael Porche and believe it or not, I did not grow up thinking that I wanted to become an Airbnb/Short Term Rental practitioner.

I grew up (like many kids do) dreaming of becoming a firefighter! For a long time, that was my ‘WHY’.                                                                                         

My Purpose. Eventually, I discovered God, and well, my ‘Why’ pivoted.      

God allowed me to continue seeking firefighting, but it became more of a means to an end, rather than my ultimate goal in life.                                           

Nonetheless, I still pursued it! I thought it would allow for ample time off and someday provide for a family! 

Then I met my wife Demi…and my ‘Why’ was rediscovered! 

My ‘why’ was strengthened! I no longer wanted to devote 60% of my year to the workforce. I wanted more than 40% of my life with my family.  A righteous desire right?  I thought so too. But… I had no idea where to go. 

That’s when I discovered the liberating power of Short Term Rentals.            The FREEDOM from passive income!                                                                              

My life has never been the same.                                                                                    My ‘why’ has been realized.                                                                                              My purpose is being fulfilled.


The future course of my family has been re-routed.                                             I want to share these secrets with you!


Are YOU ready to make the same discoveries that I have?

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