Get To Know the Founder & CEO

About Michael Porche

Founder and Owner of multi-company namely STR Legacies LLC, Escape & Stay Vacation Rental Management, and KP Capital. Michael Started as a Firefighter Paramedic in the City of San Diego, California, and decided to invest in real estate and vacation rentals. Now he is the CEO of multiple companies and owns/manages multiple high cash-flowing vacation rentals and is an investment coach. He started his business in real estate investing and decided to take action to earn more and he found it in investing in Short Term Rental. Now, he is a coach for his own company STR Legacies and offers program to people who are willing to change their lives and lifestyle by owning their own vacation rentals. 

Aside from being a CEO and businessman, Michael is a loving and responsible husband to his wife Demi, and a father to his two kids. People may be thinking about how Michael balances work, life, and family if he is managing 3 companies that’s the because he is now building teams for his business as it continuously growing. Michael is willing to help people who has goals in life to achieve like what he did.

Our Core Values

Aggressive Intentionally

It all comes down to action and having a purpose behind that action. “Financially Free” is just one aspect, but it’s nothing without being spiritually, physically & relationally equipped as well. This is accomplished only when we are precise as to how it happens and then apply that framework.

Full Time Commitment

 This means you are willing to do what it takes. By all means necessary. The phrase: “Interested means you do it when it’s convenient but Committed means you do it regardless.” speaks to the heart of who we are as a body. 

Open Communication/
Radical Candor

 We set a standard inside of our culture that mistakes are made and no one person knows the answer, it’s a constant reminder that the team is a family and we all have a voice. In order to be effective we work as one open platform.

Consistent Integrity

We are an open book, we strive to bring out our best and continue growing to the next level. We are here to help you grow.  We are a reflection of one another and reach out with our vulnerability to improve our bottom line as individuals and a body.